Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Naughty and Nice

Santa came early to the foster home, and for the first time ever, the children didn't scream in sheer terror at the sight of the jolly old man.

We think it's because he came with candy.

We did learn something from Santa's early arrival... we found out "who is naughty and nice."

In the naughty camp, we have Adrian. Look at him, trying to rob Santa's bag of an extra piece of candy. Clearly this little guy hasn't learned that the consequence for such behavior is a large lump of coal.

And look how nice little Faith is being to Santa. He's offering her candy, and she politely folds her hands and says "Ready," just like she does in preschool every day. This little girl remembers her manners.

Is it purely coincidental that there seems to be a direct correlation between gender and being naughty or nice?

I think not.


  1. Cute post! I am so glad that the kids are able to enjoy Christmas there at the foster home. That little Faith is growing up to be such a pretty little girl!! :)

    Hopefully Khloe fell into the "nice" category, too!! ;) I didn't see any photos of her, so I thought maybe she wasn't there, but found out that she was just busy eating a good deal of the time! Guess I don't have to worry about her having a picky appetite! LOL!!

  2. I was wondering the same thing about Kevin, Tanya! I also wonder if any of the children were afraid of the big guy in the red suit! That seems to always be an issue in our house! ;)
    What a delightful day for the children!

  3. Only one was afraid... Raegan! The rest did great! And your two children were perfect angels, of course. :)

  4. Faith IS adorable! I'm glad the kids got to see Santa, even if he can be scary.