Monday, December 21, 2009

Libi Returns

We were so blessed today to have a visit from Libi and her family. Libi is a NDFH graduate, adopted in 2008. She's made amazing progress since she joined her adoptive family, and we were so thankful we had the opportunity to see her again.

Libi's parents are in China adopting Libi's big sister, and they brought their whole family, including three big brothers and grandma! It was wonderful to spend a day with Libi and her family.

Also, we added her family's blog to our "Extended Family" list, so you can keep up with her in the future!

Libi gets to hang out with her nanny again!
Libi plays in her old stomping grounds with a new friend, Eliana.

Libi and her Mama.

Libi shows off how she's learning to walk -- something many doubted would ever happen!

Libi and her Daddy.


  1. What a treat to see one of your graduates...with her forever family! And walking!!! I know it was a delight for all of you!

  2. Oh, what a nice treat for all of you ...but especially for Libi and her nanny!! :) I love that they brought their entire family with ...what a special time for all of them to share together!