Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's be Friends

Sweet Tom. He loves all our little ones so much. So much that he just wants to smother them in kisses and sit in their laps and nuzzle them with his paws. Needless to say, some of our littlest residents aren't as thrilled about Tom as he is about them.

But, every now and then comes along a kid who thinks Tom would make a great pal; a child who is just as curious about Tom as he is about them. Polly is one such baby. She never acts afraid or concerned when he is around; she just stares at him as if she's wondering what this four-legged furry friend is up to. We think they'll continue to be great friends!


  1. What a sweet photo, and a precious little girl. We're getting a companion dog for our little girl, praying it works miracles in her life...if nothing be her best buddy. Dogs are amazing creatures!

  2. Tom looks like he is ready to play with Polly!!! What cute little friends. :)

  3. Polly ain't afraid of nothing are you Baby girl? i love your Hello Kitty hat and of course i love you too