Sunday, November 8, 2009

Orphan Sunday

In churches across America, Sunday, November 8 was Orphan Sunday. We're so thankful that more and more people are realizing that caring for the worlds' estimated 140 million orphans is our responsibility, and we see the difference that your love makes in the lives of the children in our care.

Did your church have any special events or speakers to acknowledge the plight of orphans this Sunday? We'd love to hear about the ways that your community is responding to this need. And if there are ways we can come alongside you and support you in your efforst, we'd love to be involved!

As you know, Nathan joined his adoptive family late last week. They are bloggers, so for those of you who don't already follow their blog, you can join them on their journey.


  1. Our church here in AL had the international director from Lifeline come and preach...very inspirational and moved the hearts of many families in our congregation! Praises!
    We also had many people sign up for our Rockathon fundraiser for NDS! WOO HOO....more praises!

  2. Our church ( also in Alabama) celebrated Orphan Sunday. It was very exciting to know that The Orphan's voice was being heard and many children's lives will be changed because of this one day.

  3. I'm excited to see so many from our great state of Alabama following your blog. I also attend a church in Alabama that hosted events for Orphan Sunday. This also served as the kick-off for our Orphan Care Ministry, that I am so blessed to get to be a part of.

    I'm trying to get a group together to come work a couple weeks this summer.

    Thanks for posting. I love reading about the kids. Praying for you guys.