Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beginning and End

Today was a bit unusual. Such important events don't often fall on the same day...

It was both the start of something new...

The arrival of these three sweet babies from a new partner orphanage... all urgently needing heart surgery. At first, we didn't think we had room for all of them, but how could we choose? But because something else happened today, bed space opened up, so all three little ones could come.

And that "something else" was another beginning that happened today... an end for us, but definitely a most beautiful beginning.

Nathan joined his adoptive family. Mom, Dad, and big sister all came to pick him up. He gave his new parents the biggest hugs when they first arrived, and he quickly decided that Daddy's arms were the place to be. When it came time to leave, he simply waved goodbye to all of us and blew us kisses, clearly at peace with the fact that with these new people was where he belonged.

So it was the end of our time with Nathan and the beginning of our time with these three sweethearts. Sometime down the road, we'll be saying goodbye to them and opening our arms to new little ones.

It's the cycle of our work -- bittersweet at times, but beautiful always.


  1. This post is such an illustration of how wonderful and yet difficult the work you all do is! But....I'm joyful on all counts: that these three little ones will be getting the medical help they need and the love New Day will lavish on them AND that Nathan has been joined with his family!!

  2. A bittersweet day, indeed...but I can't help and rejoice at it all! Nathan is now with his forever family, and these new darlings are getting the life-saving medical care they need. Each is a miracle knit together by very powerful hands!!!

  3. Oh, 3 heart babies! Be still my heart!! So happy to see Nathan finally going home to get his healing!

  4. What a full day all of you have had! I know that Nathan's family is just loving having him in their arms and Kelly said that he is calm and doing very well. Such an answer to prayer. They are such a beautiful family!!

    And the new heart babies...Oh goodness me! BE STILL MY HEART!! They are as precious as can be!! I know your hands are full once again, but God will see you through. The care you give these children is of such big significance, that it is SO easy for us as observers to recognize His hand at work through all of you! Keeping you all in our prayers during this time of change and transition. Bittersweet, indeed.

    Blessings and Hugs!! <><

  5. My heart is so in the season of preparation for something...
    I love these posts Carrie!

  6. oooh...3 new babies to pray for and watch blossom! I love to see their faces a few months after being under the love and care of New Day...they are like totally different children!

    I love that Nathan is going home! What a beautiful and peaceful way to close this chapter of his life, and start a new one.