Friday, July 3, 2009

Waterpark Trip and Pediasure

We haven't mentioned needs before on the blog, but we wanted to bring a couple of items to our blog readers' attention, in case anyone wants to get involved. We want to take our children to a water park on July 23 in Beijing that has an area for young children. It's a place where they can splash and play and cool off from the hot weather. The trip will be for about 20 children, and the cost will total about $250, including lunch, entrance tickets, and transportation. If anyone wants to help sponsor this trip, please e-mail me with the amount that you could contribute at, and I'll give you instructions on how to make the contribution. (In case there's a big response, I don't want to end up with enough money for 2 trips! That's why I'd like you to write first.)

*****UPDATE***** You blog readers are amazing! Less than 24 hours after I wrote this, the trip is already covered! Thank you so much for generously meeting this need.

And, one more need we wanted to mention... We've run low on Pediasure, which we need for three of our heart babies. The extra nutrition really gives them the boost that they need to grow, a hard thing to do for heart babies. Though it is available in China, it is almost twice as expensive as it is in Western countries, and we need about 90 bottles a month. Unfortunately, in the USA, it is only available in liquid form, which we know is expensive to ship. But, if you live in a country where it is is in powdered form, that would be easier to ship! And, if you think you could ship a package, even of the bottled version, that would be wonderful. We might even be able to match up donors with volunteers who are coming to work at NDFH who can bring it to Beijing with them. Again, if this is something you think you could help with, please email me.


  1. What?!? I completely missed this! How cool is that to have the WHOLE trip paid for in just a few hours though? WOW!

  2. Oh I have just learned of the blog and am so grateful for it!!! The website is great but this is just a tiny bit sweeter!!! I am Lillian's mommy- adopted in December 2008. I love keeping up with all the New Day babies!