Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Little Temptress

In the event that all of our nannies ask for the same day off at once, we have a back-up plan...

Her name is Addison, and though she may be our little half-pint, she's proven herself up to the task of feeding and caring for those who are younger (though perhaps not smaller) than her.

For her practice-run at being a mama, she chose Owen as her test subject. Poor little Owen... his favorite activities all involve eating, and the empty bottle Addison wielded did nothing but taunt and tease him.

As evidenced by his ever-growing cheeks, if we didn't save him from himself, Owen would be happy to eat all day long. So, we really must intervene and keep it to regularly scheduled mealtimes. So when Addison found the empty bottle and plopped it in his mouth, Owen thought for a few minutes that today was his lucky day, but it didn't take him long to realize this was just another of Addison's little games.

But if they can't tease, what are big sisters good for?


  1. Too cute! I think that little "mama" is instictive in most girls... I love the smile (or is it a 'smirk'?!) on Addi's face as she holds the 'empty' bottle!! ;o)