Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Add Water: A Soggy Blog from an Intern's Journal

By: Laura-Kate Denny, A NDFH Summer Intern

Combine soaring temperatures, predictably sticky summer babies, generous donors, and a box of brand new (and adorable) swimsuits. What do you get? A trip to the local water park, of course!

Last Friday, the kids piled onto a bus for a trip to the splash park. I'm an intern here at New Day, and let me tell you - these kids are clever, charming, and fun-loving! The children spent the entire morning splashing, getting into floaties, getting right back out of floaties, investigating the water spout, throwing inflatable toys, laughing inexplicably at an elephant-shaped slide, and generally basking in the sunshine. The more daring ones even ventured into the deep end on an inflatable boat pulled by some volunteers! After an exciting morning in the water, the kids devoured a picnic lunch before falling asleep immediately - practically in unison - on the bus ride home.

The near-constant joy among the children at New Day is infectious. There are some big personalities in these tiny packages! These precious little ones have so much to offer as they continue to grow, play, and learn. Evan certainly knows that his future is so bright - he's got to wear shades!

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  1. Shamefully, I admit, I'm jealous I cannot live and work at New Day...good times and the rough times, but especially the splash park times!!

    I just love seeing our little guy, Forest!! Oh, my how blessed we are.