Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Latest Adoptions

Brett joined his adoptive family on Monday, June 29. You can follow along with his adoption journey on his parent's blog!

Bess and Emily will both be joining their adoptive families next Monday. We've been saying many goodbyes lately... but they are the good kind of goodbyes!


  1. I a so happy to see that these precious gifts from God are finally going to be united with their families. I especially can't wait to see Emily with her family. She has got to be getting so excited.


  2. I heard from Karen that Gracie was adopted too.
    I just cried. I know God's plans are perfect.
    Gracie's story is what moved my husband and I to consider adopting a child with a heart defect.
    I pray she will come to know of her Father's love in her new family!
    Press on! You are making eternal differences!!!!

  3. WOW!! Congratulations to all these little ones finding their forever families!

    Thank you ND, for making ALL the difference in their lives!! I know we will be experiencing it first hand soon. Can't wait!! :0)

  4. Brett looks so happy with his new family...he always has the brightest smiles to share and he just gleams with energy! It has to be somewhat hard seeing those kiddos leave ND, but to know they will be showered in love by their new forever families, must bring some joy and comfort, too!! Have a blessed week! <><