Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dr. Mom

Today we found Victoria playing in the sandbox in the backyard. She had carefully picked up several clumps of sand and gently placed them in a small cup. They were her "babies," and she proceeded to tell us all that she needed to do to take care of them...

She knew the little ones would get hungry soon, so she started by preparing jiaozi (dumplings) for everyone.

She told us that each of them were sick and needed to take heart medicine. She even knew the exact names of which medicines they needed to take! (All of them are medicines that she has to take, too.)
She explained that taking care of so many babies was a lot of work, and she didn't have much time for anything other than mothering these little ones.
Knowing that she had a lot more that she needed to do, we decided to let her get back to work...


  1. WAY cute! I love the limitless imaginations of children!! Clearly Victoria has learned a lot from her own care...such an adorable little Sweetie! :)

  2. How sweet!! A wonderful "Mom" in the making. What a loving an nurturing spirit. Something she would only develop by observing it in others.