Monday, June 15, 2009

I Just Called To Say "I Love You..."

Technology is an amazing thing. Recently our older kids got a special treat - a trip up to the office for a Skype conversation with Lauren! Lauren volunteered with us for a year and recenty went home to prepare for college.

Victoria and Sophie were the most attentive - Sophie especially loved seeing Lauren's face on the screen and talking to her in a cute combination of English and Chinese.

Lauren even held up her family's dogs to the camera so the kids could meet them.

Emily took a few minutes to talk to Lauren but soon got distracted with the urge to cover my cell phone in tape.

While Brett was up in the office, he also took a few minutes to consult with us on our finances.


  1. these girls and Brett are so, so precious. I will surely miss seeing them on here....but will absolutely LOVE seeing them with their parents!!! So exciting.

  2. Oh good, we need a financial consultant in the family!