Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Hard Day's Work

Jack can’t help it if he gets sleepy.

School wears him out, but it isn’t really his fault… First there are all those centers to play in – running up the stairs to the reading loft and experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen. Not to mention the coloring and cutting and pasting and glitter-applying. And then there are the goldfish that must be inspected and hammers that must be banged and beads that must be strung and the costumes that must be tried. Perhaps it wouldn’t end so poorly, but on top of all this, someone decided to wrap the whole morning up with snack time! You know what happens when busy little boys eat; they inevitably get sleepy.

And so it happens… every single day during music time (of all times), Jack falls asleep. When everyone else is “singing” at the top of their lungs, dancing, and clapping instruments, Jack is in the back row, quietly nodding off.

It isn’t really his fault.

If only things weren’t quite so busy, he could most definitely stay awake.

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