Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Families

Late last week was full of new beginnings. Three of our children -- Joseph, Leah Hope, and Abigail -- met their forever families for the first time. Each of them has now joined their new family, and they've each started a new journey in life. Though each child looks forward to the day she joins her new family with great anticipation, it still isn't easy when the day actually comes. All of the kids were a bit fearful and nervous -- uncertain of what the future holds. But we know it is bright.

Joseph (now named Aaron) getting to know his new parents in the sandbox.

Joseph has a big brother; this is sure to be great fun!

A proud Leah Hope shows her big sister and big brother around the foster home.

On her last day at the foster home, we had a going away party for Leah. At seven years old, much of her formative years have been spent at the foster home, and we wanted to ensure she knew we were sending her off with lots of love.

Since Abigail was also leaving, we made it her party too! She and Leah passed out all the snacks and gave lots of hugs.

Abigail meeting her mom for the first time.

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  1. God is so good. I can't imagine the peace the families must have had knowing their children were in your care while they waited for them. I'm so praising God for them!!!