Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love's Unlimited Potential

For our new website, we asked some of our foster parents to write some thoughts about their experience as a foster family. Since some of you might not find it on the website, I wanted to share it here... it is such a touching story.


Foster Mom with Philip and Aaron

We became a foster family in 2007. The experience has changed our entire family. The first time I visited NDFH on July 26, 2007, I didn’t expect to see so many orphans with special needs. Though it was a surprise, the children’s eager eyes quickly captured my heart. I remember the moment I met Philip, the one I was to foster. I was shocked. His special needs were severe, but when he looked at me with his timid eyes, it was as if he were telling me that he was a precious child worthy of love. After over 40 days of training to learn how to care for Philip’s unique needs, he joined our family on September 6. Aaron came just 4 months later.

When they entered our lives, these two precious boys brought a lot of fun and happiness with them to our home. Our whole family has learned what love really is and how to love each other better because of them. I can’t express how much joy and gratification fills my heart when I watch them learn to roll over, work hard to take their first steps, and gain weight and height each month. In addition to the joy they bring to our lives, fostering children has been financially helpful for our family. It has improved our lives in many ways, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

My precious boys used to be left behind, forgotten, and hurt. But, by giving them love, I believe I can help them grow in confidence and hope for the future. There is no boundary to what love can accomplish. Some may wonder how we can love these boys who are not biologically related to us with such a deep love – but circumstances and relationships don’t have to limit love. We live together as a family and love each other as a family, and through this experience, we grow closer and closer together. Through building them up with our love, we also teach them how to love others and treat others with kindness. We hope that the love that we give our boys now prepares them for the rest of their lives.

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