Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forest Goes to School

When he came, this was his constant expression. Blank and empty. Hopeless. Severely malnourished and unable to walk, we didn't know what his future held. But little Forest made remarkable progress, and now he's well enough to go to preschool.

It's hard to tell he's the same boy! Sitting on the front row of music class, on the edge of his seat, squirming with anticipation. Forest eagerly waits for each song to start so that he can leap up and begin dancing. (Which for him involves mostly bouncing up and down accompanied by non-stop giggles.) He's such a happy little guy, and we're thrilled to see the progress that he's made.
Please join us in hoping the perfect family finds him... since one agency already failed to match him, we don't know how many more adoption chances little Forest will get. (Nicknamed Evan by the placing agency.)


  1. I can't believe that is the same child. Oh, what love and God can do! I'll be praying for him and his future family.

  2. I LOVE the new picture of Forest! He looks WONDERFUL!! We hope and pray he will find his family very soon! If any adoptive families have questions about AAC, please feel free to contact me. We had an excellent experience with them! :)

  3. Your new blog is awesome Jill!

    Sorry Karen, but I can express happiness only in spanish ;-)

    I´m sharing this photos with my daugthers and they are happiest girls in the world.

    Please, Forest´s family FIND him soon!!

    Leonor from Spain