Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emily, Part II

We've been overwhelmed with loving responses to Caroline's post about Emily. We are so thankful to have such an incredible community of people who love our children. Even though it may be from afar, we can sense the power of your love in their lives. It gives them hope and joy and happiness.

Several have asked about Emily's papers. We do know they are in process, but we do not know when they will be submitted to the CCAA so that she can be matched. The adoption paperwork is processed by each child's home orphanage, and each province's office moves at a different pace. So, for those who have asked about how to find Emily's papers... at this point, we don't think they are finalized and ready to be matched.

We have no doubt that Emily's family will come in due time. It might be a family who is diligently looking for her file, or she might be matched with a family who falls in love with her without knowing her whole story. Whatever happens, we trust that she will not always be an orphan.

Our hope is that all of our blog friends will see the story about Emily as representative of what happens in the hearts of all children as they wait for a family. Yes, it is Emily's story. But it is really the story of all of our children and all of the orphans around the world who wait.


  1. Amen!! Praying her papers are ready for referral soon and that her story will help countless other older children be matched as well.

  2. thank you for the update. I do hope one day to adopt one of your children, well, really any of the many deserving children in China.