Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Building Memories

Birthdays are important days in our life. It is a time to celebrate when we came into this world and began to write our life story. Orphans and disabled children who have lost their relatives often do not have this benefit of being able to celebrate their birthdays with a group of people.

NDFH is committed to helping orphans, disabled children and children in difficult situations feel loved, and supported, bringing about life changes.

One way we do this is every month, we have a birthday celebration, where everyone gets together to celebrate the birthdays of the children born that month. We want them to feel blessed and experience the joy of celebration on their own special day!

We are thankful for our local friends who join us in singing a birthday song for the children. 


They can do this through the Internet or in person.


Some of our volunteers have been very creative, becoming a favorite hero of the children, by bringing them surprises and encouragement.


How happy the children are to receive presents!


Delicious birthday cake worth sharing with friends.


Thank you for your love!

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