Saturday, April 8, 2023

Bringing children from hidden corners

We would like to introduce Xiaoyun to you, she is one of the first children to join the Eleos program.

Xiaoyun was born in 2005. Her mother left her and her father when Xiaoyun was very young. When she was 11 years old, her father died of illness. Since then, she has been living with her aunt who is in her 70s. The aunt supports her son, who is mentally handicapped and unable to work, and Xiaoyun by working as a gate guard. 


Maybe it's slow, but I'm moving forward.

Xiaoyun is currently studying baking at a local vocational high school. She likes the major she is studying, but because of her poor schooling foundation, learning is still quite difficult for her. In addition, her poor eyesight caused her to lag behind her peers in learning, coordination, and social interaction. Although Xiaoyun is a little slower than others, she has been working hard.


Everyone in the world has their own development speed.

There are people around who seem to be ahead of you,

There are also people who appear to be walking behind you.

But in fact, everyone has their own pace in their own time zone.

Don't be jealous or laugh at them.

They are all in their own time zone.

So, take it easy,

You are not behind,

You are not ahead.

Everything is on time.

We believe that Xiaoyun is moving forward at her own pace in her own time zone.


What is more precious than gold?

When Xiaoyun heard, we were going to provide support, she wrote a letter of thanks saying that our help is "more precious than gold" to her. She feels the love of many people, which has become her motivation. She said, “I will be a caring and dedicated person when I grow up.

Thank you letter from Xiaoyun

What makes her feel special is not only the material and financial help, but also the fact of being seen, understood, and cared for.


May more people be able to discover things more precious than gold.

May more people be willing to give something more precious than gold.

A bowl of heart-warming noodles.

Both Xiaoyun and Gu Gu are very grateful. Every time we go to their house, they always invite us for dinner. But because we have other children to visit and don't want to cause trouble for the family, we don’t stay for dinner. During a recent visit, we took a walk with Xiaoyun to encourage her, when we were ready to go home after the chat, she cried and asked us to stay, saying that her aunt had already prepared lunch. We had no choice but to stay and have a meal of noodles with Xiaoyun and her aunt.


For the average person, a meal of noodles may be nothing special. But we know that this bowl of noodles is the best that Xiao Yun and her aunt had to offer, and it was given with thanks from the depths of their hearts. We were all very touched by the meal.

May Xiaoyun's life be as beautiful as her name, reflecting the colorful light of the sun.

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