Thursday, June 30, 2022

Our Little Overcomer

Jaiden is a little boy who is part of our “Little Deer” project. He is three years old this year. Due to abnormal brain development his physical and cognitive abilities were affected. He needs a lot of physical and speech therapy, and fine motor exercises.

Jaiden came to our project last October. His arrival was welcomed by the other children in the program. As the youngest child, his new brothers and sisters liked him very much. We developed a therapy plan for him. Every day, with the help of his nanny, he will start with practicing sitting and crawling.


In the beginning, his nanny had to find support for him, such as the back of the sofa and soft cushions, so that he could lean on it comfortably. When a child's core strength is unstable, he may sway or fall backward after sitting for a while. Soon Jaiden was able to sit firmly without relying on anything.


When he first arrived, he only liked to lie down and play, with all fours limbs facing the sky, kicking, and kicking, and always playing alone. His nanny would deliberately put some new toys near him to attract his attention first, and then help him crawl over to it. Because of his inquisitive nature he likes to explore. He now crawls everywhere, crawling to see what the other children are doing, resulting in his crawling speed improving a lot.


He's also good at doing his sitting exercises. Sitting on his nanny's lap, he would try his best to sit without her supporting him. He has improved so that now he can sit on his own for quite a while. The nannies were happy to see such a hard-working child.


After a few months we started using a stander for Jaiden. We were initially worried that he would not cooperate, instead we discovered that Jaiden enjoyed standing up. While standing, he would press the button of the toy he was playing with, with his other hand he would wave happily all while babbling and trying to say something.


Since both hands were free while in the stander, he was able to grasp toys with his little hands more easily, such as toys with sounds and flashes, which he especially likes. He will listen to the sounds coming out of the toy, and he will watch the flashing lights of various colors. Jaiden is a happy little boy, and you can see it when his nanny is holding him, he will touch her cheek while giggling, looking at her, as if to say: "I like mother the most!"


In the blink of an eye, Jaiden learned a new skill, that is, taking off his socks. His body has become more flexible, and every time his nanny asks him to take off his socks, he lifts his two calves, puts his fingers on his toes, and pulls the two socks off at once. Every time the movements are smooth, and he will shake the socks in his hands in front of his nanny, as if to say: "Mom, do you think I am good? Come and praise me!". Taking off his socks has become his favorite thing to do.


Seeing his progress has made his nanny feel that all the effort was worth it. We often imagine that soon; we will see Jaiden running and jumping happily.

We will continue to help you, sharing in your moments of happiness and witnessing your growth!

Love can change lives!

Friday, June 24, 2022


In New Day’s in-orphanage projects, the happiest moment for the children is play time. The staff integrates the children's development goals into different game activities. The plan is customized according to each child's needs. Under the guidance of the nannies, the children are taught various skills and goals during their play activities. Come see what the kids are doing?

Amos is carefully maintaining the balance of the tower

Sing along to the beat of the drums 

Hold on tight, you can do it!


it's your turn to sing

Here, let me help you

Hit the fish

Hello! Do you want to come play?


Remote cars are the boys' favorite

Abner uses the remote as Titus tries to catch the car.

Let me see if I can follow the car.

Medical checkups are fun when it is your friend doing the checkup.

The doctor is gentle, the patient is brave

Catching activities that test the hand eye coordination


Mom, it's your turn!


Bowling, get ready!

Get started!

Look at mine!

A direct hit


Yes! I got one.


Another fun game to play!