Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Children in forgotten corners

These are the children we are helping. Our hope is that through our efforts, these forgotten corners can be remembered again, the needs of these children can be seen and met, and life can shine again.

We would like to introduce Xiaolin.

Xiaolin is 12 years old and is in the sixth grade. Xiaolin's father died in a landslide while working in 2020. Xiaolin's mother suffers from diabetes, she is not very old, but her hair is already grey.

Xiaolin lives with her mother and grandma at her uncle's house, which is also convenient for Xiaolin's mother to take care of her elderly mother.

Xiaolin is studying at a local elementary school, and her mother usually walks to take her and pick her up from school. The whole family relies on the uncle for support and to supplement his income Xiaolin’s mother picks up garbage and sells it. When we arrived, we saw that she stores what she finds at the house till she can sell it.

Xiaolin has had epilepsy since she was a child. The frequency of attacks is high, and sometimes lasts for a long time. For years she has been taking medicine to control the seizures, but it has not been successful.

During our recent visit in April, we learned more about Xiaolin's condition. Xiaolin's mother’s hope is to go to a larger and more professional hospital for a complete examination, diagnosis, and treatment. On May 9, we arranged a consultation with Director Wang of the Pediatric Neurological Department at a top hospital. His recommendation was for her to be hospitalized for about 2 to 3 weeks as various tests are performed. The cost is approximately $4000.

When we told Xiaolin’s mother about the opportunity she was both happy and worried. She was happy that Xiaolin can finally get a clear diagnosis and correct treatment but is worried that $4000 is too expensive for their family.

If you are willing to help Xiaolin's medical expenses, please contact us.

Everything starts with seeing.

Love comes from the heart because of seeing.

Love acts because of seeing.

Every child in need needs to be seen. 

Only by being seen can the needs of these children be met.

Being seen they can see the beauty of loving and being loved.

To see, not only with the eyes, but also with the heart.

Eyes see Xiaolin's mother's white hair, but her heart feels the pressure and pain she has suffered due to the loss of her husband and the burden of her family.

Eyes see the trash piled up in their house, but the heart sees the mother running around the village searching for trash.

Eyes see Xiaolin's thin body, but the heart sees her painful convulsions every time she has an episode.

Eyes saw the mother's mixed emotions when she heard the diagnosis and treatment option, but the heart saw the unspeakable entanglement behind it, which was the collision between love for her daughter and the family’s plight.

Eyes see that $4000 is just a series of numbers, but the heart sees that this number means hope for Xiaolin's family.

If you are willing to help with Xiaolin's medical expenses, please contact us.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

520, let us express our love!

In recent years, 520 (May 20) has become a day to express love. Many people choose to express their love to their loved ones on this day. To spouses, relatives, parents, friends...

At a time when China's Internet public welfare participation is increasing day by day, 520 is also gradually evolving into a day for the public to share love. More and more people are beginning to realize that some groups need to be cared for. They may be the widowed elderly, or orphaned and disabled children.


For many children, their physical disabilities make even a normal life and study just a dream - their daily needs are huge, and they need professional staff to care for them, so that they can live semi-normal lives.


They may be in trouble due to bereavement or serious illness, and they are eager to get help to resume normal life and study. We're not trying to follow trends; we're trying to show the world what they need.


In the past few years, NDFH has advocated and launched a variety of activities to build a bridge so others can participate in helping to care for the children, so that everyone's love can be shared. 

We had an outdoor hiking activity called "Hand in hand let love walk,” to challenge our physical limits! If people wanted to participate and help the children but had no time to participate in outdoor activities, we gave them opportunities to use their talents.


Artists donated their artwork to help the children.

One participant made handmade flowers to sell to raise funds.


For the orphaned and disabled children cared for by NDFH, it is a blessing to have a special birthday! We set up birthday celebrations for the children every month,

Caring people can sing birthday songs and send birthday wishes to the children online and offline.

Those who love music can do benefit concerts.

We also participated in school/community charity events to let more people know about our children and their needs!

Everyone can participate. There is always a corner waiting for your attention to release your love! 

520, let us express our love!