Monday, November 22, 2021

The Colorful Days of Autumn

Orphans living in the orphanage, due to illness and orphanage restrictions, cannot move freely like healthy children and participate in activities. In the limited space they have access to, their understanding and imagination is closely related to the nannies who care for them.

New Day has seen the limitations of the children’s lives and designed a complete set of daily activities to develop the children’s mental capacity. Books and simulations are used to expand the children’s knowledge and understanding of things that they do not have access to because of limited mobility.

Understanding the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter is one of these activities. From basic to advanced, children with different developmental stages can learn about the changes in the four seasons and understand the wonders and richness of nature through participation in activities.

We invite you to look at the children's activities.


First listen to the introduction about autumn


Autumn begins to get cold, so you need a hat to stay warm


The color of the autumn leaves has changed


Leaves floating down


I want to rake the leaves


Let me see how the leaves float down


I also try to rake the beautiful red leaves


Everyone does it together


Mom helps me, I also want to rake the leaves


It's a bit cold


Look at the fruit of autumn


Touch it, do you remember its taste?


I want to carry a pumpkin home


I want to take a bite

Small activities allow children to learn about things in autumn by listening, seeing, touching, and hands-on participation.

When next autumn comes they will look through the window and see leaves swaying in the wind and they will say, “Mom, autumn is here!”

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Formula Project Expansion

Recently, 22 orphans and disabled children from a new orphanage joined our formula project. We provide them with monthly formula and special dietary menus.

Every child upon entering the program will be measured and evaluated. Since many of the children have feeding issues, we also provide special training for the nannies.


After that, we purchase the formula and deliver it to the orphanage.


Our formula project is not just a simple donation of formula. The purpose of the project is to provide high-quality and safe nutritional support for children with special needs and promote their healthy growth.

This includes the training of nursing staff, nannies, and the management at the orphanage. Timely detection and attention to children with nutritional deficiencies is important to ensure the children’s proper growth.


Here is a brief introduction to some of the progress of this work:


The weight development curve of an ordinary child who is fed normally

 We are very happy to see that his height and weight values (the blue curve in the figure) have been maintained near the average value (the green line).


The height development curve of an ordinary infant who is fed normally

However, some children with special needs often lag behind the average curve due to their physical conditions and feeding difficulties.


The weight development curve of a child with special needs

We have compiled special recipes and feeding programs for several children who have difficulty in feeding. After the child's vomiting and diarrhea have improved, you can see the curve quickly improves and draws closer to the average curve.


The weight curve of a child with special needs after entering the formula project.

We are happy to be able to add another orphanage to our formula project. There are new opportunities to help more children and more little lives benefit from our project.

We hope you know that without your support, all this is impossible. On behalf of the staff and all the children in the formula project, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to you!


Because of you, we are even more convinced——

Love can change lives!