Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Children's Day

Join us and share the joy of Children's Day. May joy spread among us, and the warmth of love flow quietly.

Spending time with each other

Reading with you, doing handicrafts with you, playing with you, and having fun with you. I am grateful for such an encounter. Although the time is short, the memory is precious.

The fun of bean painting

How much do you know about the Forbidden City?
Let me tell you in detail.

The tour guide of the Forbidden City - Little Volunteer


Sharing talents allows us to understand each other more; sharing food allows us to enjoy the beauty of life; sharing happiness allows us to have more fun.

Come and listen to me sing a song.

Little Volunteer

Children's program

Listening to you read.

When friends arrive, gifts also arrive, and joy fills the eyes.

Time spent traveling together

The children seeing cattle and sheep on the grassland, pigeons in the sky, tadpoles playing in the water, and big white geese in the pond have all become beautiful memories for children. Thank you for accompanying me to see the scenery.

Thank you to DBS and the team members of the Secondary 2 class for sharing love and time, spending a happy Children's Day with the children.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Because there is love, life is renewed

Because there is love, life is renewed.

Sharing by volunteer Ms. Liu

For a long time, I seem to have not had a real vacation. The busy work, the trivialities of life, and the responsibilities of the family always make me feel dissatisfied with the environment and myself.

During this May Day holiday, a friend who has been engaged in public welfare activities for a long time issued a call for, "visiting children at NDFH Savannah Project," which really attracted me.

On May 2, I drove all the way from Beijing to the project. As expected, there was a lot of green grasslands and horses running. The beauty of the scenery drove away the fatigue of the drive.


We soon arrived at the Savannah Project. After the introduction of the staff, my two children soon became friends with the children. The children are very humble and polite.


The activity room is decorated like a home, and there is no title of teacher. The children shout, "Mom, please come and help me." I feel it is not easy to take care of two children by myself, but the children here basically have four children in one room, and two nannies take turns caring for their daily needs.

There are also small houses, and two couples living as foster families here. The children live in peace and friendship, which is enough to reflect how much the mothers in each family care for these children.


That morning, we arranged to celebrate the children who had birthdays this month. Everyone sang the Happy Birthday song together. Looking at the children who had physical handicaps but smiled so brightly, my tears flowed for the first time because I was so touched.


In the afternoon, I interacted and played with the children outdoors. My child accidentally hurt his mouth, and all the children came to care about him and were very friendly. 

The sound of a saxophone came from the music classroom, and we followed the sound to find it.

It is hard to imagine how powerful these children's talents are- how can a child with cerebral palsy begin to walk by himself? How can a child who can't see the world learn music and play beautiful melodies? How can a child who can't stand sit on a small car and slide with powerful legs? 

Everywhere is the most beautiful scenery- seeing the strength of the children, I can't help but start to reflect on why I am always unhappy and dissatisfied with my life.

During dinner, I learned more about NDFH, which has been helping orphans for many years out of love. 

Originally, there were other arrangements after dinner, but we decided to go back to the home to spend more time with the children. The familiar faces and little hands were so eager to pull us and say, "We are so happy that you are back! We are so happy." My heart was really filled with warmth again - comparing myself, who I thought was healthy, with these seemingly imperfect children, they were so loving, friendly, and smiled so sweetly, and are satisfied and happy in such an environment.

After leaving, I still often think of the children in "The Savannah Project.” I miss their sweet smiles when I first met them; I miss their enthusiastic interactions; I miss their expectant eyes when we parted. I gained a lot from this volunteer activity - I will always have these children, or children of this kind, in my heart. I am not only the mother of my two children, but also the mother of these children.


I would like to thank my friends for initiating such a loving event and thank NDFH for providing such an opportunity for me and my family! Thank you to the lovely children for smiling at me, reaching out their hands, and hugging me. Because NDFH has love, I see the children's lives being renewed, and so my life is renewed!