Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The road to growth and the dream of family - a visit to the Eleos Project in July

On July 1, volunteers from Beijing and the Hohhot team distributed scholarships and visiting materials to 13 children in the Qingshuihe area who are being sponsored. We also visited to learn about the current situation of the families. Seeing the growth of the children in the program made us happy.

Xiaodong was dressed neatly, and his white short-sleeved shirt formed a clear contrast with the messy home. After asking, it turned out that he was going back to school in the afternoon to attend the graduation ceremony. During the meal, Xiaodong was really like a big brother, taking care of the people at the table, getting cups and pouring water for us. He also doesn't eat a lot and always wants to let others eat. We were particularly touched that this child is so considerate.

When we saw Xiaoxin on this visit, he was not as nervous, but his voice was still very low. Because no one at home could pick up and drop Xiaoxin off at school, he had to live in a small room outside the school. This time we went to his small room. The people living here are children with family problems and their parents cannot take care of them. Xiaoxin is learning to be independent. Reality is forcing him to grow up.

Surprisingly, Jiaxing communicated very well with us this time. He usually watched TV and would not communicate with us at all. He has also become more self-reliant. Recently he went out to seek medical treatment when he fell ill.

Ruiying graduated from sixth grade. The teacher called her grandma many times and told her that she must let her child study. Ruiying is very obedient, hard-working, and a very good child. When it came to going to junior high school, she looked melancholy and said she didn't know where to go to school yet. We are hoping to help her in this decision.

Xiao Yuan and her aunt came out to greet us. Xiao Yuan was excited when she saw us. She is much more accepting of us. We asked about her study situation, and she said everything was going well. Her sister had a holiday on the 15th and was home when we visited. We could feel her dependence on her sister. Only when her sister comes home does she feel at home.

The children are growing up day by day. On the way to adulthood, reality and dreams are intertwined. After all, children all have a dream of family in their hearts: to be reunited with their family members. This dream can sometimes shine into reality, bringing endless warmth and strength to people. Sometimes it turns out to be just a mirage. The road of life extends forward under the constant collision of reality and dreams, leading to the future. As for what the future will be like, it is unknown to us. But as the saying goes, do your best to know your destiny. All we can do is grow up bravely, pursue success, and leave the rest to God.

When Xiaoyan used the three normal fingers on her left hand to press her hand on the ink pad and make a handprint, she longed to have normal and healthy hands like other children. But she is also learning to accept herself and use her hands to pursue her own future. It is about learning to be confident in her ability.

Xiaorong's family cried sadly about the car accident that "took away the breadwinner of the family", Xiaorong missed her father, her grandmother missed her son, and her mother missed her husband. But they are also learning to accept what has happened and look to the future. Although Dad is gone, we hope that those who are still alive can reunite as a family and no longer be immersed in the sadness and accusations of the past. This is the way Xiaorong's family has grown closer.


Not only Xiaoyan and Xiaorong, but the dream of family is also the sincerest desire deep in the heart of every child, especially these children in need. They both had broken families. For them, family is almost out of reach. For most of us, family is close at hand, but we often take it for granted.

With the first cry, a person begins to embark on a life-long road of growth. Sometimes the road is flat, sometimes it is muddy; sometimes it is green grass, sometimes it is full of thorns; sometimes it is joyful, sometimes it is broken... But no matter what, we are constantly walking, growing, transforming, and pursuing.

For the children in the Eleos Project, we hope that what we do can make their road less muddy and less thorny and bring some hope. It is really our honor to be able to accompany them for a period of their lives, watch them grow, and help them pursue their dreams.

If you would like to accompany them on their journey of growth, please click on the link below:

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Report from July

Savannah Project and Little Deer Project

Providing nurturing care for special needs orphans

Recent Event

1. Seasonal activities

Sea Animals - The children observe the characteristics of marine animals through vision, touch, and hearing. This helped stimulate the children's desire to explore and develop their observational skills.

Sailing game - the children learned various means of transportation. What means of transportation do you use in different circumstances in your daily life? The boat is the choice for sea travel. They learned the structure of the boat and were able to actively participate in games.

It's summer vacation!

Summer vacation is not just about eating, sleeping, and playing. No, our elementary school students began to prepare for the new semester by completing their summer homework.  At the same time, the staff did not forget to arrange some sports: running, skipping rope, and playing games to enrich the summer vacation.

Birthday party

A volunteer came to visit the children. She brought delicious food and fun things to do. Everyone celebrated the birthday children’s birthdays together! There were decorations which created a special atmosphere. The birthday children received gifts and everyone ate delicious pastries. Whose turn is it next month?

Next music star

Big brother Gabriel is famous in the Savannah project, and his saxophone playing skill is amazing! Theodore who is his roommate and fan, also wants to learn this magical instrument. We are thankful that Mr. Cui accepted him as a student and is teaching him how to play the saxophone!


2. Rehabilitation Medical Recordsehas  

Ezra: Has high muscle tension, poor head control and with weak core strength is not able to sit without support. Through daily rehabilitation training he is now able, while in the sitting position, to keep his head upright for 5-10 seconds. In the prone position he can turn his head in different directions to follow objects. Good job Ezra, you have made significant progress!

Through daily occupational therapy classes, Cindy, Amelia, and Micah have made progress in using spoons, doing puzzles, and recognizing flash cards.


Bon Appetit 

Children who formerly had difficulty in eating on their own now take the initiative to pick up food and eat it, this makes us all proud. 


3. Project development

Stephanie’s reaching Adulthood Ceremony

Stephanie has grown up and has reached the age of adulthood. After careful preparation, she was officially transferred to the adult nursing area and bid farewell to the nannies, younger brothers and sisters who loved her. Although she is no longer in our project we believe that this brave girl will be able to adapt to the new environment quickly, and that she will be as sunny and happy as ever.