Thursday, May 4, 2023


NDFH has been committed to helping orphans, disabled children, and children in difficult situations for many years. We want to bring them happiness, that they will know they are loved, supported and their lives can be changed for the better through love.

Happiness is to explore in the ocean ball world.


Happiness lies in your willingness to hold me securely.

Happiness is that you are willing to listen carefully while I speak slowly.


Happiness comes from overcoming weakness and bravely challenging myself.


Happiness is sitting in a row with my friends.

Happiness is a balloon dance; we can dance with enthusiasm.


Happiness is to participate in the world of LEGOs.

Happiness is when I don't understand, you are willing to patiently teach me.

Happiness is not complicated for us!

Simple things bring us Happiness!

Thanks to all the caring friends who have been supporting NDFH and staff working on the front line, for their generous donations, and for helping us create a happy place for the children, so that they can experience their nanny’s love and tenderness.

In 2023, let us continue to "hand in hand” bring love, happiness, and blessings. 

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