Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Our Fantastic Freddy

Around here, we think Freddy is pretty fantastic. He has a personality that lights up a room and is almost always willing to lend a helping hand (he is 4 after all!).

When you first look at Freddy you might see a child who faces many difficulties. His paperwork might even look a little scary. But once you get to know Freddy those things, though still very important, quickly fade away.

We asked some people who know Freddy to help us show you some more of who he is.

Freddy is:





Freddy is a quintessential older brother. He keeps track of little 'siblings' and know what they like. He will give them toys to play with and always makes sure that they are happy.

Freddy has a way of getting into everyone's heart! Time after time I would watch visitors fall in love with Freddy's fantastic personality in a matter of minutes. He loves making people laugh. One things that makes Freddy so special is the way he loves the other children around him. He is always going out of his way to offer comforting hugs and giving toys to his younger 'siblings.' I look forward to the days that Freddy has a family of his own to share his big heart with!

We're all pretty smitten by Freddy, and he brings so much joy to our days, but like one of our past volunteers said, we can't wait until the day the he has a family of his very own!

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