Thursday, March 8, 2018

International Women's Day 2018

March 8th is a day to honor and celebrate women around the world. Here at New Day we are blessed to work alongside so many phenomenal women. In China Women's Day is celebrated by giving women half of a day off work, and we want to acknowledge how amazing the women of New Day are.

Mother Teresa said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” The women of New Day are casting ripples one child at a time and changing the world because of it.

Women like our nannies. They work tirelessly and love enormously. The nannies care for the children as if they were their own and give them the individual attention they deserve. The nannies spend countless hours away from their own families next to hospital beds and sacrifice daily to care for the children. As the children that they love are adopted they continually open their hearts to the new children that arrive. They provide care, comfort, and unconditional love each and every day.

Women like our foster mamas. They gladly open their homes to children and love them like they are their own. The foster mamas teach their children how to love and what it means to be in a family. They are the ones that put the children to bed at night and are there when they wake up in the morning. Our foster mamas are some of the most selfless and joyful people we know and the have changed the world in ways that they have never known.

Women like our medical and therapy staff. These women spend countless hours going to appointments, meeting with doctors, and researching in order to provide the best care possible. They make therapy fun and the children love therapy time because of them.

Women like our teachers and support staff. The teachers not only teach the children their numbers and colors, but they also teach manners, kindness, and most importantly love. The support staff clean, cook, and make sure everything is in order. Without these women things wouldn't be the same. 

Women like our office staff and volunteers. These women are often behind the scenes and tirelessly work to make sure everything goes smoothly. They daily pour themselves out to make sure the children know just how loved they are.

The women at New Day are daily casting stones that are creating ripples that we truly believe are changing the world!

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