Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Transformation Tuesday: Elliot

Elliot arrived at New Day Foster Home a little over 2 years ago. He was a little over 4 months old.

Elliot was born with heart disease and ENT defects. Shortly after arriving he moved in with a local foster family. His foster mama has cared for many children with ENT defects so she was ready to love and care for him.

Elliot flourished in the care of his foster parents and was able to have his first and second ENT surgeries.

We loved seeing his chubby cheeks and the beautiful smile he reserved for those he loved.

We celebrated with Elliot as he experienced his first Christmas and birthday.

We Elliot would come to visit with his foster parents he enjoyed exploring the therapy rooms and showing off new skills that he had learned.

After his second birthday Elliot starting coming to afternoon preschool.

He discovered that there were a lot of new toys and it was pretty fun.

Elliot has grown so much since he arrived, and we can't believe how big he is!

Soon, Elliot will join his forever family. We, and especially his foster family, will miss him, but we are all excited for him to have a family of his very own!

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