Monday, August 21, 2017

Celebrating Austyn

We take celebrating birthdays very seriously here at New Day. Once a month the children are gathered and the birthday boys and girls get to enjoy their very own birthday party. We sing and clap, light candles and eat the cake. Presents are often handed out and everyone is (usually!) happy.

This week we celebrated one of our very special boys, Austyn!

Since Austyn arrived at New Day 4 years ago we have had the honor of celebrating so many milestones with him.

When he arrived Austyn was 6 years old and not able to sit up. We have seen him learn to move, crawl, and finally walk on his own!

We have watched as he has learned to drink and eat solid foods.

We have seen him learn to trust people and interact with those around him.

We love hearing his loud laughter and his shrieks of enjoyment fill the room.

Austyn has celebrated countless holidays and with us and we love celebrating with him.

We are so proud of him and all of the progress that he has made.

Now, Austyn is 10, which means he has had 4 New Day birthday parties. Our sweet boy has reached double digits and continues to amaze us as he grows.

We have one wish for Austyn as he blows his candles out, that this is the last birthday he celebrates without his forever family. 

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