Saturday, June 10, 2017

NDNorth: Music Time!

Many people believe the statement that music is a universal language. The children of New Day North seem to agree. When a visiting college student brought a guitar to the foster home, the children gladly participated in the singing.
Frank is keeping a keen eye on the guitar. He’s watching and paying close attention.

Ruth may not know the words, but she is certainly making a joyful noise of participation.

Shua Li Rose is doing a great job of clapping along to the songs.
Frank doesn’t seem too sure about all the work it takes to make the motions to the song, “Deep and Wide.”

But clearly from this winning smile, he is enjoying the time of “active” music.
Shua Li Rose is quite adept at keeping time with the tambourine.
And Ruth adds to the percussion section with her version of the maracas.
Shua Li Rose’s sweet grin captures the joy that these children have when music comes into their home. It’s a wonderful place to be!
this post was written by our volunteer, Ruth

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