Saturday, May 13, 2017

NDN: Spring Birthdays!

We celebrated four birthdays last week for our March-May birthday kiddos!
Isaiah turned two, Caleb turned three, Michael turned six and Clara is soon to be three! Big parties are the most fun, so we celebrated all together with cake and candles and lots of singing.
Presents are pretty fun, too! Caleb got a new shirt and some coloring stuff.

Clara and her nanny opened up her birthday presents together. That pink top is going to look so nice on her!

 Ok, time for cake! Those sprinkles sure do look tasty, don't they, kids? Three candles for Caleb...

Clara: "You go first, Caleb, I'm not sure how to do this. Are you sure this is safe?"

...and he goes for it! Nice work, Caleb!

Ok, it's Clara's turn now!

Your turn, Isaiah!

Wow - six candles sure is a lot. Michael joined our little family in July of last year, so this is the first birthday that we've been able to celebrate with him. What fun!

Not sure what to do, Michael? It's okay, we'll help you...

Michael got a book for his birthday, and he loves having it read to him. There are few things better than being read to by your nanny.

Happy, happy birthday, precious ones! You are so very much loved and celebrated. We love celebrating with you so much, but we all hope that you will get to celebrate your next birthdays with forever families. Until then...  let's eat some cake.

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