Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Transformation Tuesday: Ari

Ari was born in July of 2013 and 4 months later was found at a hospital. He was then diagnosed with a severe neurological defect and a GI defect. When we arrived at the orphanage his head circumference was 50 cm. When Ari arrived at New Day Foster Home on January 11, 2014 his head circumference had increased to 56.5cm. We knew that Ari needed intervention, and he needed it soon. 

Shortly after arriving Ari first surgery was completed. 

It was easy to see that Ari's nannies adored him by watching the ways they sweetly cared for him. 

And as a reward, they received his beautiful smiles!

However, Ari developed an infections which meant he spent the next several months in and out of the hospital. His shunt had to be removed because of the infection so his nannies stepped in and played the role of nurse and mama beautifully.

Finally, Ari was infection free, which means he was able to have his next surgery and move out of the CCU!

Ari was able to go outside more, meet more of the other kids, and start therapy.

When Ari turned 2 his nannies wondered about preschool. You see, when children turn 2 they start preschool at New Day, but Ari was upstairs, and would need a buddy, so they wondered how it would work. No worries! We found Ari a buddy and he started to experience the joys of preschool!

Ari was able to celebrate holidays, go on field trips, and experience all the things a growing boy should experience!

Anyone who meets Ari comments on two things, his huge smile and his infectious giggle. 

In Ari's bio, written when he arrived at New Day, it says, We look forward to watching his transformation and hope that he will heal, grow, and one day have a family of his own. 

We have watched Ari's healing. We have watched him grow. And now, we he gets to join a family of his very own!


  1. Our God is an awesome never failing God. I I burst into happy tears when I read the sentence that he has a family of his own now. God bless him and new family. I know y'all will miss him. Bless all the people that have loved on and taken care of Ari.

  2. Ari! We love you already and cannot wait to meet you!♡♡♡

  3. I'm in awe every time I read about how the ayis so lovingly care for these sweet kids.