Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Transformation Tuesday: Lukas

In January of 2014 a little boy arrived at New Day. Lukas (Robert at the time) was 9 months old and had a neurological disorder. He was an observant little boy with big beautiful eyes and a smile the could light up the room.

Shortly after arriving he was able to have the surgery he needed. After surgery he was able to focus on the important things, such as celebrating his first birthday!

As Lukas continued to grow he worked hard, both in therapy and in winning people's hearts!

He was a quiet boy who could easily entertain himself and those around him.

A volunteer at the time said, I loved spending time with Robert. He is one of the most easy-going and relaxed kids I've met! He loves going outside to the backyard, playing with toys, listening to music and crawling around. As the summer went on, he would babble more and more, and begin to imitate some sounds! I'm excited to now see what more progress he will make! 

Lukas continued to grow stronger and stronger and was able to move in with a local foster family!

When Lukas would come back for therapy and later preschool we saw his personality shine. The once quiet boy found his voice and made sure his presence was known!

Lukas continued to work hard in therapy and before long he was walking and running.

In preschool Lukas loved learning and playing. He loved to play outside and was able to experience so many new, exciting things!

We loved celebrating so many milestones with Lukas such as birthdays, holidays, his first steps.

Now, shortly before his 4th birthday, Lukas is going to join his forever family! We are thrilled that the rest of his milestones will be celebrated with a family of his very own!

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    Please forgive the shouting. Was praying for his family to be able to arrive just the other day. All blessings to New Day for the lifeline you bring into the children can come home. '; )