Thursday, February 23, 2017

Snow Day!

We don't get a lot of snow here in Beijing, and this year there have only been a few flurries here and there. The other day snow was forecasted and we were all wishing and hoping for enough snow to play in. Luckily, our wishes were granted and a few inches covered the ground!

The kids were amazed to see two snowmen appear in the courtyard, complete with hats and scarves, but the real fun was still to come!

As you can imagine, it's a big ordeal getting the kids ready to go outside. Hats, gloves, and coats are pulled off the shelves until each kid is all bundled up.

James led the way as the kids explored the backyard.

Owen and Adia decided that a little snowball fight was a great idea! They ran around the yard picking up as much snow as possible to throw and unsuspecting targets!

Of course, this meant there was lots of laughter!

Some of the younger kids have never been out in the snow before, so we were excited to let them play and explore!

But, snow means it's cold outside, so after a little while it was time to go back in a get warm.

Now we can't wait until the next snow day!

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