Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Transformation Tuesday: Charlotte

Arriving in June of 2014, many of you are very familiar with Charlotte and the amazing transformation that has taken place while she has been with us here at New Day. In fact, her life has transformed so much that last spring this post was written about her amazing journey.

Charlotte was 6 weeks old and a tiny 2.5 KG when she arrived.

She had her first heart surgery shortly after in July and then it was time to concentrate on eating, sleeping, and cuddling.

However, Charlotte's heart still desperately needed fixing. She needed regular oxygen treatments and constantly had an unhealthy blue tinge to her lips and skin.

She quickly stole everyone's hearts, something that continues to this day.

Finally, in March of 2015 Charlotte was able to have her second heart surgery.  Her surgery was successful and as her first transformation story says, she went from 'tiny with a blue-grey tinge', to 'wonderfully chubby and pink'!

Since then, Charlotte has been a busy little lady.

She celebrated her first and second birthdays!

Her smiles have only gotten bigger.

From swimming, the playing in leaves, and experiencing the joy of bubbles Charlotte has learned how to play and have fun.

She learned to walk and shortly after was running down the hallways.

This spring Charlotte started preschool and suddenly became a little girl. It's hard to imagine she was ever so tiny!

We are so thankful for all the things Charlotte has experienced and all the people who have loved her here at New Day, but we are overjoyed that her forever family is coming soon.

Charlotte will be missed by many, but we know her life will experience so many more amazing transformations, starting with one of the best possible ones, from orphan to daughter.

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