Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cookie Decorating

Each family has their own Christmas traditions. Here at New Day we have our own traditions too! One of the children's favorite traditions is decorating sugar cookies.

Dozens and dozens of cookies are baked, icing is made, and sprinkles are gathered in preparation for the decorating party.

Some of the older kids like Hudson are old pros. He quickly decorated his cookies, adding just the right amount of icing and sprinkles.

It was Owen's first time to decorate cookies, but he quickly learned how much fun decorating could be! 

Jackson and Isaac got a little help from their foster mamas.

It was so fun to watch the different decorating techniques.

Freddy carefully placed each sprinkle on his cookie.

Lukas preferred dumping a bunch of sprinkles on at once.

And Eli thought pouring the sprinkles on as fast as possible was the best idea.

Sophie and Piper wondered how much icing they should put on their cookie.

Everyone did a great job decorating their cookies, however, we all know the very best part of decorating Christmas cookies is eating them!

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