Thursday, November 17, 2016

Adoption Awareness Month Guest Post: Why Adopt?

November is Adoption Awareness month in America and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate adoption. We are thrilled to have a guest posts from a few mama's of New Day Graduates! Sarah, mama to Sylvie, shares her thoughts on adoption:

Why Adopt? Our family's answer: Why not? There are abandoned and hurting children all around the world that need the love of a family. We have what they need. How could we not offer it?

Our first adoption was from Russia in 2000. We were too young to adopt from China at the time (our original goal) and through a couple at our church we were introduced to the idea of adopting from Russia. We asked for a special needs little girl, about the age of our bio daughter, Wendy. Instead we got a perfectly healthy baby boy. 

When we were presented with his file we went back to our original question, Why not? We asked for one thing, God gave another, and we accepted gladly. Little did we know that God already had a special needs girl about the same age as our daughter....she was just waiting for us in China.

Over the next 16 years God has given us 6 more kids by adoption, all from China. We have spent years there and here in America. We have SO MUCH to offer. Not money, not stuff, but love and commitment. Hope. Anyone reading this has that to offer. And that, my friends, is all they need. Is it always easy? Nope. Almost never is. But it is worth it, because they are worth it.

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