Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Therapy Tuesday: Isaac's Signing

Isaac goes to speech therapy every day towards the end of preschool. He is always so excited when Lillian comes to pick him up. He happily stands up, waves goodbye, and walks to the speech room with her.

Isaac has been working hard learning at communicating using sign language and practicing making different sounds.

When his therapy is over Lillian normally takes him downstairs to meet his foster mom, but the other day she had to come up to our medical office to ask a question, which is right next to our speech room. Isaac wasn't facing the door, but he heard his foster mom talking, and we were all surprised at his reaction.

Do you know what Isaac is signing? It's home! As soon as he heard his foster moms voice he signed home, because he knows it's time to go home when she gets there.

Great job Isaac! We're so proud of your signing!

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