Sunday, September 25, 2016

NDNorth: A Morning in the Life of Frank

Frank has been with New Day North for 4 months now, and introductions have been made, but we thought it was high time for all you cheerers and supporters of ND North kiddos to be able to watch him in action. So come on in- you are invited to spend a morning in the life of this endearing boy!

We meet Frank as he's coming in from his morning walk. Can you close the door?

Good job, big boy!

Time to practice standing! You look great! Music makes everything more enjoyable, yeah?

Frank is the definition of "all boy" and loves to move. There's just something about boys and speed, right? Crawling is not easy for him, and sometimes frustrating, but with his determination and a little encouragement, he can go far, and is getting faster and faster! 

Why are you so excited, buddy?

Aha, you crawled over to one of your favorite activities, the big green ball!

What could make it better? Only a little blue car!

Boys and cars and balls... 

"Time to get down and let Veronica take a turn you say? No problem, I'll entertain myself!"

It's your turn again, Frank! 

"Guys, this is the best thing EVER!"

Veronica looks like she thinks it's her turn again... Or maybe she just misses her brother when he's up so high on the therapy ball.

One last bounce, OK Frank?

As you can see, Frank has grown fast since he came to us, as little boys are prone to do. What fun to watch him maturing, communicating, using his imagination, and trying new things.

Thanks for letting us stop in, Frank! 你是最棒的!(You're the best!) Enjoy the rest of your day.

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