Monday, July 18, 2016

The Little Things in Life

Right before noon on Tuesday, our kiddos showed us how the little things in life make them the happiest. A few of our volunteers surprised the kids with a large quantity of clothes for all ages including summer and winter seasons. We are incredibly thankful and so were our kiddos! 

As we organized some of the clothes, we decided to greet the children with something new and stylish that they could wear for the day. Nearly every child’s expression was similar – pure excitement and thankfulness filled the atmosphere. 

Elisabeth, Jewel, Abel, and Celeste were amazed at the amount of clothes they had just received. Look at those faces…they were in awe!

Of course, we had to take advantage of the joyful giggles and warm smiles. Marcus and Eli received shirts that matched Connie with bright colors.

Halle Grace was so ecstatic as she sported her new purple dress. She grew even more excited as she added a pretty, vibrant purple flower to her hair.

Elisabeth loved her new pink polka-dot onesie. Adding a hot-pink headband really pulled off the finishing touch.

Owen smiled as he tried on his new collared shirt. Not to mention, it’s one of his favorite colors! 

Matthew found excitement in trading his shirt for a newer one that matched his new friend!

After a full morning of new clothes, the kids had one more surprise in store. The gardener, Adam, had been planting cucumbers in the garden and they were ready to be eaten! Snack time consisted of picking cucumbers and chowing down on this light yet delicious snack.

Charlotte took the plunge and tried picking a cucumber from deep within the garden. 

Hudson joined in on the fun. He was determined to pick the biggest cucumber that he could find!

Austyn’s excitement grew as he approached the tall garden and he began searching for the perfect cucumber.

She was hesitant at first but soon realized why everyone else was so excited. Celeste was very pleased with the juiciness of the cucumber.

Jewel absolutely loved the deliciously fresh cucumbers! She smiled as she ate and we found her holding her hand out, asking for more. 

It’s the little things in life like fresh cucumbers and a set of brand new clothes. 

This post was written by one of our interns, Lauren

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