Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Day in the Life: James

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of one of our sweet kids is like here at New Day? Well, we are here to give you an inside scoop on the one and only, James!

One of our interns had the opportunity to hang out with James for the day and to see what is on his daily agenda. While in the midst of recognizing James’ and all that he is included in at New Day, his sense of character and sheer joy for each new day is easily displayed. 

Early in the morning before preschool, James goes to physical therapy. In this time, James practices climbing the wall (and catching a glance at himself in the mirror) while stretching his legs to enhance the movement in his legs. You can tell that James really enjoys this time and finds it rewarding – especially when someone acknowledges his accomplishments! Good job, James!

Once he is finished, he is off to preschool with his fellow classmates. James loves to go to class! You are able to notice his eagerness to learn and to be involved because he loves answering questions and always has a big smile on his face while doing so. 

He has learned so much lately – days of the week, seasons, months, weather, etc.

James is so creative. Look at the tower that he built!

James is also a big help – he knew that he needed to clean up his mess after playing with building blocks.

James is full of energy and you are guaranteed to almost never see him without a smile on his face – especially when yogurt milk, cookies, and slices of dragon fruit are involved! This little boy loves the little things in life.

One of James’ favorite activities is music time. As he participated in singing various songs with his friends, he also knew the hand motions to each song fairly well. 

During ‘Row Your Boat’, James reached for his friend Nathan’s hands to make a boat together. As they sang along together, they began rocking back and forth to the music.

 After preschool ended for the day, it was time to go and play outside in the backyard. Abundant cheers filled the room and James headed straight for his walker and waited as his friends followed behind. What a sweetie!

Outside in the backyard, James got into his red car and showed off his driving abilities. I think it’s safe to say that we may have a future race car driver in our hands.

 It is easily recognizable that driving his car around in the backyard is his absolutely favorite thing to do. The proof of evidence is displayed by the permanent smile on his face and the endless laughter he adds effortlessly.

He spent majority of the morning racing his friends Hudson and Jack around the sidewalk.

After playtime, it was time for lunch in the cafeteria. James and his friends sat together as their nannies fed them a hearty meal of rice, chicken, and vegetables. Soon after, it was time for a nap. Once he has been rejuvenated with a well-needed nap, James headed to speech therapy. He works on learning new words and putting sentences together.

Once speech therapy is completed for the day, James heads to one more session of playtime and riding his car all over the backyard area.

It had previously rained so there were puddles of water on the sidewalks. James was intrigued by the puddles and often times stopped just to touch it.

He made it a point to drive through them and was mesmerized by the squiggly lines he made as he drove through them.

He came inside to the playroom with all his friends and decided to get into the pit of balls. 

James loves to play with his friends and always wants to be involved with whatever is going on. If he isn’t in the middle of the fun, he makes sure he will be!

The day ended with a goodbye as James, Owen, and Sebastian waved goodbye through the window of the playroom. See you next week, boys!

To sum up a day in the life of James – it consists of three important factors: full energy, genuine compassion, and authentic joy. A day with James is a day well-spent!

-This post was written by one of our interns, Lauren

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