Friday, June 17, 2016

Splashes of Joy

Recently there have been a lot of spring thunderstorms. Thunderstorms mean the backyard is filled with puddles. And if you're a kid, puddles mean one thing, something to jump in!

The other day Rosie went outside and decided to explore a puddle. While other kids were jumping in the puddles she had another idea. In order to obtain maximum splashing potential Rosie sat down and splashed with her hands!

The joy that spread across Rosie's face as she continued to splash was contagious.

Her smiles and laughter spread across the backyard and we decided we couldn’t keep them to ourselves, so we had to take a little video to share with you!

In the end, Rosie was soaked from her head to her toes, but the smile spread across her face made it all worth it.

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