Monday, June 27, 2016

Sharing is Caring

On Friday afternoon, the weather was absolutely perfect – a light breeze and the sun beaming down so brightly. We caught a glimpse of the beautiful weather firsthand but an even more endearing moment displayed through our cute kiddos, Halle Grace and Freddy.

During backyard time, Halle Grace and Freddy decided to bring out the colorful chalk and to work on their artistic abilities. 

After coloring and drawing all over the sidewalk, they needed a much needed snack after their hard work was accomplished.

The kiddos love snack time – as you can see.

After giving each child two crackers in total that were broken down into four smaller pieces, Halle Grace and Freddy became a little distracted by their friends and all of the fun going on nearby. 

Soon after, Halle Grace returned to the sidewalk and began admiring her artwork. She quickly remembered that she had one piece of cracker left to munch on. 

A few moments later, Freddy returned to the sidewalk ready to join Halle Grace.

But before he began, he needed some brain food for inspiration so he could finish his masterpiece. He looked towards Halle Grace and offered his piece of chalk in return for her last biscuit cracker.

Halle Grace agreed and traded in her last piece to Freddy.

Freddy was thrilled! He began eating his cracker and a smile quickly grew across his face.

These kiddos are such a delight to be around and the simple act of kindness that was presented today truly warmed all of our hearts. Sharing is truly caring for another. We couldn’t be more proud of our kiddos for understanding this and implementing it.

This post was written by one of our interns, Lauren

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