Monday, June 20, 2016

New Girls in the Classroom

When you're two years old it's time to start preschool. Natalie, Charlotte, and Ava have all recently turned two, so that means we have the pleasure of these sweet girls coming to class each afternoon.

Natalie turned two in February, but because the unpredictable temperatures her foster mama didn't want to bring her and her 'little brother' Tim (who started working hard in therapy!) in everyday until it got a little warmer. Once Natalie came she decided it was a pretty fun place to be! We love seeing her sweet smile as she enjoys learning, playing, and exploring.

Charlotte has had many peeks inside the preschool room, and even joined the older kids to sing and dance during our sponsor party, but it's finally her turn to join us in preschool everyday. After a few days she knows the routine and loves having her seat with her picture on it for snack time! We're excited to see how Charlotte continues to learn and explore through preschool time.

We found a special seat to help give Ava a little extra stability during table time and snack time and she was ready to go! Ava has taken all the preschool changes in stride and we are rewarded by lots of smiles and giggles. She especially loves music time where we are treated to her dancing.

Our three new girls fit right in among the boys, and it's fun to have to pink and bows back in afternoon preschool too :) 

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