Monday, May 16, 2016

Tim and Natalie: Double Adorable

Beware: this post contains some seriously cute pictures.  You may not be able to handle it...

Natalie and Tim have been foster-siblings for more than 6 months now, and Natalie is a wonderful jie-jie (big sister).  You can see how much Tim adores her.

Natalie gives him kisses, and Tim pretends that he's a tough guy, but we're not fooled...

Natalie is petite, with a graceful beauty (although there is a delightful mischief in her too).

Tim, not-so-petite, and is growing up to be a fine, robust young gentleman.

So different, and yet so sweet together!  Natalie did such a great job helping Tim pose for some pictures.

Tim and Natalie: serious contenders for 'cutest foster-siblings ever'.

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