Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hard-working Jack

When it is our annual 'flower planting day', some of the older kids like to 'help' with the flowers.  They have fun, and we get some cute pictures of them with the flowers, but most of the real work is done by the staff and volunteers.

This year, however, Jack really helped.  This little guy worked hard.

Right from the moment he realized what was going on, he wanted to go outside and start working.

Long after the other kids had got distracted and wandered off, Jack kept on fetching flowers and helping to plant them.

It was a delight to watch, and wonderfully demonstrated what Jack's nanny had written in his April monthly update:

"He can help adults do some simple things, the nannies often praise him, which makes him proud and confident to do anything...Jack is a modest and polite child, and has very harmonious relationships with other children, and we hope he will be happy every day."

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