Friday, April 29, 2016

Scooters and 'Snow'

These three-wheel-scooters are quite 'the thing' here at New Day.  There are a number of children of staff and volunteers here on campus during the weekdays, and they all have them.  Hudson and Enya are here with their foster-mama all day, so they have had plenty of chance to try them out, and did so well with them that they got their own.

Last week, when the children were waiting for the shadow puppet show to begin, some of the other kids decided to join in the scooter-craze.  Adia knew exactly what to do...

Hey, Adia...come back!

Where did you learn to scoot so fast?

Josiah watched carefully how everyone else was doing this 'scooting thing'...he was especially in awe of how well Hudson was getting around.

Soon he was able to scoot confidently himself.  Good job, Josiah!

Did you notice the white stuff on the grass?  This is what we 'affectionately' call 'Bejing snow' and it's actually the cotton-like seeds of the poplar trees all around the campus.  There is even more of it now than when these pictures were taken.  'Snow' in April!

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