Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Introducing...Cooper and Evelynn

We have a couple of precious new arrivals, and we thought that you might like to meet them.  Cooper has already made his debut on this blog with a Wordless Wednesday, showing off his amazing smile.  This picture was taken almost a month ago when he first arrived, aged just 3.5 months:

It wasn't long at all before we got to see that amazing smile!  Cooper was born with a heart condition as well as an ENT defect, and he's also a lively, joyful little boy. 

Cooper was amazed to meet Charlotte.  Cooper's nanny used to be Charlotte's nanny, so she made the introduction; Charlotte doesn't look too impressed, but Cooper was instantly smitten!

This is the moment that Evelynn arrived on March 17, when she was just over 3 months old.

Evelynn was also born with heart disease, along with a serious GI defect.  She is in need of a miracle...

We are honored that these two beautiful little ones have come into our care, but what next?  We are going to love them and care for them, feed them and hope for them.

Cooper has a special bottle with a spoon, and yes, feeding time can get a little messy.

At this stage we don't know whether he will have heart surgery first, or his ENT surgeries.  Either way, we will be there for him, giving him the TLC that he needs, and cheering him on.  We don't know exactly how it is going to unfold, but we know that his story is going to be an amazing one!

Evelynn has already been to the hospital for tests, and her name on the waiting list for a liver transplant.  We wait with her, in eager anticipation of the healing that she so desperately needs.

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