Monday, April 25, 2016


Proudly introducing our newest arrival, eight-month-old Amelia...

Amelia arrived on April 19, and immediately set about winning everyone's hearts.

She was warmly welcomed by our volunteers, and her new friend Ronan.

During Evelynn's memorial service, Karen announced that we would be bringing in another child with the same GI disease, from the same organization that Evelynn came to us from.  Amelia is this child, and her name is already on the list for a liver transplant.  Yes, it's scary, to take the risk of loving another child with this serious disease.  

We committed to 'hold onto hope', and that is what we are doing for Amelia.  We are totally committed to loving her and caring for her and hoping for her.  We aren't giving up in the face of discouragement, and Amelia is a demonstration of this determination.  

Amelia is actually the tenth child that we have cared for that has this particular GI disease.  Out of the nine other children, four of them are now home with their forever families, four of them are home with their heavenly Father, and number eight is Marcus, who is here in our CCU, recovering well from his recent liver transplant.

We are so glad to be able to introduce Amelia to you, and we hope that you'll follow her story as it unfolds.

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