Monday, March 21, 2016

World Down Syndrome Day 2016

Did you know that World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on 3/21 to symbolize a third copy of the 21st chromosome in people with Down syndrome?

We are delighted to join people around the world today in celebrating the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.  Presenting our current three chromosomally-enhanced cuties...

For the first time ever, Nathan, Ava and Tim did a photo-shoot together.

It wasn't easy, as Ava and Tim both need help sitting up.

Nathan was every so sweet with the little ones though.  Good job, Nathan!

It's not easy to pick a favorite shot, but this one does show Tim's rather splendid belly, and Ava looking a little concerned about it...

Tim really has grown delightfully chubby, with a light-up-the-room smile. 

His foster-mama clearly adores him, as does everyone else who is lucky enough to meet him.

Ava is getting to be such a grown-up girl now, with her own ideas about which hairbands she wants (or doesn't want) to wear.

Looks like life in the downstairs playroom is suiting you, Ava!

And sweet, precious Nathan...

We're so glad that we get to be family for Nathan (and Tim & Ava) for now, and it's SUCH a joy to know them, but we long for them to go to join forever families of their own some day soon.  

If you are interested in adopting a child with Down sydrome, this post is great.

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