Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Therapy Tuesday: A day in the life

The therapy rooms here at New Day are constantly busy. People are coming and going and kids are learning, stretching, and gaining strength. We thought you might like a little peek into just what goes on each day.

Ari plays with a balloon while stretching his legs

Ava practices sitting up

Isaac uses the IPad during speech therapy

Robert is walking faster and faster

Austyn swings while taking a break from walking

Leo plays with a balloon to help stretch his legs

Robert works on his coloring during occupational therapy

Matthew stretches his arms and practices sitting during physical therapy

Isaac works hard to put the disk in the toy

Rosie works hard at climbing

There's always time to take a break to giggle

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek inside the therapy room. The kids have a lot of fun (just don't tell them they are doing important work too!)

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