Friday, March 11, 2016

Taking Smiling Lesson From Eli?

Just six weeks after his liver transplant, Marcus is doing so well.  He's getting the tender care and recovery time that he needs in our Critical Care Unit, and it's such a joy to see his new, healthier skin and eye color, and to see him smile more often.

Speaking of his smile, does this expression look a little familiar to you?

That's right...Marcus' room-mate is Eli, who has a trademark nose-scrunching version of a smile. They say that people often 'empathetically mimic the facial expressions' of people they live with, and it certainly looks like that's happening here, with very cute results!

Their smiles are delightful, but somehow it often goes a little wrong when Gan Lu tries to take a picture of them together...

At least they have their 'big sister' Connie to help them pose nicely.  She is excellent at having her picture taken.

What these three little ones lack in the hair department, they more-than make up for in courage, joy and cuteness.

Oh, Eli also wanted to tell you that he and Connie will both turn two this month!  It's hard to believe, but Connie is just less than a week older than Eli.  Bring on the birthday cake!

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