Friday, March 18, 2016

Admiring Adia's Gifts

Adia received a package from some of her sponsors, and eagerly unpacked the box in preschool.

New clothes, including shoes and a necklace!  Adia, you look so grown-up.

Adia checked out her new look in the mirror.

'What do you think, does the necklace look good with this sweater?'

There was another shirt to try.  Are you feeling Adia's excitement?

Stereotypically, boys are not very interested in the trying-on of new clothes.  However, Adia had quite the admiring audience!

Jesse was especially complimentary.  He kept saying "hǎokàn", which means "good looking", and is exactly what everyone wants to hear when they try on new clothes!

Eventually he was overcome by her loveliness and had to run over and give her a big hug.

So Adia received a double-dose of love; a special package from her sponsors, and lots of admiration from her classmates!

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