Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Transformation Tuesday: Leila A

In the Summer of 2012, a tiny 6-week-old baby girl arrived here at New Day Foster Home.  She was given the English name 'Violet'.

She was born with an Ophthalmology defect, but didn't require daily medical care, so that September she moved out to live with a local foster family. 

She has been with her foster-family since she was three months old.  They've poured so much love into her and they've taught her, an orphan since the day that she was born, what it means to be a daughter.

What a joy it has been to watch her grow and thrive...

After her second birthday, Violet started to attend our preschool.  She loves it, and we've been so glad to get to know her sweet personality.  Fun fact: this little girl has an incredible appetite!

Back in November, we heard some wonderful news; Violet had been matched with a family, and they had chosen the name 'Leila' for her.  Yes, you've guessed it...Leila will leave very soon to join her forever family.  It's our favorite kind of transformation.

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