Sunday, January 24, 2016

NDNorth: Growing Up Fast

Every month, we measure the babies who are a part of our Formula Project to see how much they have grown. We track their growth data on World Health Organization (WHO) growth charts and intervene if the children do not seem to be making adequate progress. 

Isaiah is one of the children in our Formula Project.

Leon is too old to be included in the Formula Project, but he was still curious to see how much he had grown. 

You sure are growing fast, little one! 

Paul, always such a good little helper, decided that he would jot down Leon’s height and weight on the charts. 

Leon, also a good little helper, put the scale away after using it.

It sure is fun growing up and helping out the adults. Looks like Paul want to help take photos…

These two could have fun doing just about anything!

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